Winthrop St

As The World is Wide moved into the final days of production, Max Felker and Superstar Freddy would come write the single Long Time Comin, earning the duo press and critically acclaimed success in the Portland music scene. Over the next 7 months, the Winthrop St EP would follows Max's rise as an independent recording artist: a story riddled with tragedy, loss and self made success.

The EP begins with Outro where Max talks about the months leading up to the album and how things have changed for the best. The electric hit single Hunnid follows, an upbeat trap track reflecting on Max’s reaction to the immediate success of his work, leaving him in a state of always calling people back because he is in the studio or spending time and money on his girl. I Needed You featuring Superstar Freddy changes the direction for the listener with a dancehall song evoking summer vibes about falling in love with a woman whom he has yet to learn her name.

This love story turns dark with Sun Up, a remorseful song about Max’s struggle between chasing his dreams and being with the women he loves. Here he explores the pain of always failing to meet her expectations, apologizing for the fact that he is constantly chasing dreams and never home. After this dark love song, Black Youngsta can be heard chiming in over the opening part of Long Time Comin, a foreshadowing the track masked as a boast but enigmatically reliving the tragic loss of Max’s father.

Booking ending this down tempo track is Out the House featuring Trap Potency from No Swagg, a track looking back on Max and Trap’s similar experiences of selling drugs to pay bills. The final song Greg Douglas was originally a joke about Max’s friend Greg (also from No Swagg) after he laid a verse over a TrellGotWings beat. Superstar Freddy chopped up the lyrics and played it at Penumbra Recordings the next day, revealing the song which soon because a crowd favorite.